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Parental Bed Beard

Happy Friday, ya'll!  Sorry it's been a bit quiet over here.  The 'rents are here and I've been busy showing off my new country.  The Hub and I are so happy to have them here and someone else is too.  If there's one thing Figgy loves, it's his "Grandparents."  Case in point:  Yesterday when we walked into the apartment, Fig went straight to Grandpa and Grandma and not to me.  I think it's all the treat-giving and ball-throwing that they do.  He's getting worn out with all the fun!

what a trio!

sleepy pup Bed Beard

The Hub and I have been having an awesome visit with my parents.  We spent three days in Paris where I dragged them from landmark to landmark and made them eat incredibly rich food (from here).  We also learned a very important lesson along the way:  Never, ever, EVER under ANY circumstances should you go to Versailles in August.  It's such an incredible place that I thought it would be worth it, but I think it lost so much of its magic due to the throngs of tourists sardine packed in each and every room.  Even so, we had an really wonderful time in Paris.

hotel des invalides - where napolean is buried. grandma really wanted M&D to go here.

ma maman and the giant door at saint sulpice see jim and chopin

ham. lots of ham.

the 'rents at Versailles

We arrived in Montpellier on Wednesday and, I'm happy to tell you, my parents love it here!  We've been just hanging out, walking around, shopping, eating good food. and taking a break from restaurants by cooking at home (Dear Paris Gut:  Meet Salad).  I love showing them how we've adjusted to our new life, and Figgy is happy to have us back at home too.

yes we took "le petit train" tour in montpellier, and yes we loved it!

my parents ♥ montpellier

the streets of montpellier

Today we went to Séte so that they could see the Mediterranean Sea and even some water jousting!  This evening we'll be going to Estivales (obvi) to try some local wines.  My parents have graciously offered to buy us an oven as a housewarming gift, so their last day will spent at Ikea.  Aren't they sweet?

experiencing parisian cafe life in montmarte

There's nothing like a visit from your parents to remind you of how much you are loved, so I'd like to say a big THANK YOU to Dave and Viv for flying all this way, walking around for 6+ hours a day, and trying new things (even if they wouldn't try escargots.  You still did me proud.) I sure am one lucky girl.  

all smiles!

P.S.  If you can't tell, I'm obsessed with Instagram.  If you aren't following thatshaute, then you should ;)

4 Responses to “Parental Bed Beard”

  1. what a fun trip!!!

    your mama looks so funny next to that giant door.

    i’m glad they were able to make a trip out to visit.

    enjoy the rest of your visit my dear.

  2. Natalie Dziubek says:

    You have the best parents. Your mom looks smoking in that black dress!!! All these pictures are beautiful. We have to start planning our trip soon. The food and scenery look so beautiful. Glad you had such a wonderful time. Can’t wait to see all the new food entries now that you will have an oven as well. Nat

  3. Greer says:

    I love this post, it looks like you all had a great visit in Montpellier and in Paris! the pictures are gorgeous! love you!

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