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Hump Day: Estivales

Today I'm finally going to tell you about something we've been enjoying for the last few weeks:  Estivales.  It's a weekly Summer Wine Festival that started in 2008 and takes place here in the center of town every Friday night from 6:30pm -12:30am.  Doesn't that sound awesome?!  Well, it is!  Upon entry, you pay 3€ and get 3 tasting tickets and your very own glass.  The center of town is filled with tons of tasting booths, artisan craft and food vendors, and live music.

crowded estivales!

one of the wine booths

lining up for a taste

So far we haven't missed an Estivales since it started and this Friday I plan to take my friend Melina who will be visiting.  Each week we get together with our friends for dinner, wine and music at the Estivales.  What a great weekly summer tradition!

picnic in the Esplanade

some of the delicious food

have you ever seen so many oysters?

I can hardly wait for Friday!  

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