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Day Trip To Sète

With our friend Melina in town this past weekend, we wanted to take a day trip on Saturday to somewhere we'd never been.  We weren't sure where to go:  Aix?  Carcassone?  Avignon?  Nimes?  These are what I like to call "champagne problems."  Since Melina and I had spent the previous day traveling by several buses to get to St. Guilhem only to discover when we got there that we'd have to hitchhike to the river where we were planning to kayak 12 km against the wind, we decided we wanted our Saturday trip to be a more efficient and relaxing excursion.  After some quick research, we decided on the nearby town of Sète.


Some fun facts about Sète (taken from my Lonely Planet Guide Book and Wiki):
  • It is France's largest Mediterranean fishing port
  • Residents of Sète are called, Sètois
  • Water jousting is a common pastime
  • Up until 1928, the town was called Cette
Getting a train ticket to this peaceful, seaside town was super easy and cheap - only 5.10€ each way.  Trains departed about every half hour and the ride was only 15 minutes long.  There's nothing really particularly exciting to do there, which is exactly what we were looking for.  We loved it.  The weather was perfect, it was not too crowded, and it was very easy to navigate.  We've been to a few other seaside towns, like Palavas, that were crazy crowded with tourists so we were thrilled to have a different experience in Sète.  We had lunch and rosé at a café, took a walk to the beach and played in the sand, then had ice cream and more drinks overlooking the Mediterranean Sea at L'Amerik.

beautiful Sète

lunching Hub

Me, Melina and the Mediterranean Sea

we hiked over the rocks to get to the beach

mango and lemon sorbet

bellinis by the beach

It was the perfect way to spend a lazy Saturday outside of the city.  In fact, we're already planning another trip for a beach and dinner date very soon. Game. Sète. Match.

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  1. Melina Raffin says:

    What a great summary of a wonderful day, Micholic style! I love the pictures…

  2. I want your champagne problems. The pictures are wonderful. Feel like I took the daytrip with you.

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