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Very French Things

Some days, especially with all our friends here lately, I forget that I actually live in Europe.  In a foreign country.  Then all of the sudden I'll find myself doing something that jerks me back to reality.  We live in France.  Here are a few Very French Things I've done lately. 1.  Partied in a 19th century château.  Michael's co-worker and his girlfriend live on a family vineyard and had a birthday party at the 8-bedroom, 3-story château out in the Lunel countryside.  It was incredible.  The house, built around 1890, was gorgeous with super high ceilings, and enormous kitchen, and a ridiculous amount of fireplaces.  The grounds held a pool, guest house, and of course the vineyard.  We even got to go up to the 3rd floor and roof, which the family say is haunted.  Definitely not something you'd find in the middle of Wisconsin or Ohio.

I felt like The Great Gatsby. but in France.

2.  Went to a Sunday Wine Tasting/Jazz party at local winery.  Our friends at the wine shop told us about this event going on at Mas Foulaquier, an organic and biodynamic winery in nearby Claret.  Even though it was a bit rainy that day, we took our friend Tamar who was visiting from the U.S. and had a great time.  There was live jazz, lots of food and wine, and the biggest baguette I'd ever seen.  The wine was so-so, but we hung out for so long we felt we had to buy something and somehow came home with a magnum bottle of the one we liked best.

me and TamJams

the vineyard

biggest. baguette. ever.

the young Jazz ensemble, featuring the winemaker's son. they were actually really great!

3.  Saw Radiohead at an ancient Roman arena from 70A.D.  You all have heard me go on and on about the Arènes de Nîmes in the past.  We saw Portishead there last summer.  It was our first show back at this arena and the first show for the Bonbon.  It worked out that our besties Marq and Dawn could sort of plan their trip around this show and we were all thrilled to be together in this magical place.  Besides the fact that Radiohead opened with "Lucky" for the first time since 1998, it was a special show because it was the first one since the tragic death of the band's drum tech last month.  Scott Johnson was struck by something and killed during the stage setup during a June show in Toronto.  He was only 33.  Radiohead cancelled the entire beginning of their European tour but resumed for this show.  They closed the show with a dedication to Scott and his face was the final image projected on the screen during the encore.  It was a very touching tribute.

4 adults, 2 babies :)

In other news, never underestimate the Bump Power in France.  Since Dawn and I were two pregnant ladies, we all got to sit in the handicapped section in some pretty awesome seats.  At first I felt awkward walking up to that section, like I was taking advantage, but when we were shown to our seats, there were about 8-10 other pregnant women already seated.  Guess that's how they do it in France!  And you bet your ass no one made me wait in line to use the bathroom.  I think I'll start wearing a faux-bump to shows (and maybe everywhere) after October.

our awesome seats.


what a great show!

the Arenes by night

4. Started the Estivales season!  Remember how much I love the Estivales?  It's a bit different this year, being pregnant and all, but that doesn't mean I can't go and enjoy the food, people watching, and a few sips of local Languedoc wine.  The annual festival began on June 29th and will go every Friday until September 7th.  I can't wait to take my bestie, Devon this week!

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