adventures of an american housewife in the south of france

Ramona Rose’s Birth, Part II

I don't think I'd ever been so excited to wake up before the sun. I rose at 7am and crept around the dark apartment with Fig, fixing some mint tea and an egg, peeling a banana, thinking about what was going to happen in a few hours.  I had been told not to eat anything after 6am, which was the first of several erroneous messages I received from my doctor's "secretary."  The idea of getting up at 5:30am for...

She’s Here!

We're so excited to introduce you to our daughter! Ramona Rose arrived at 2:52pm on Wednesday, 10/10/12, weighing in at 3.51kg and 48cm long! We are so thrilled and in love! I'll be back next week with Ramona's birth story and more pictures. À...

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