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Summer Recipes: No Cook Zucchini Side Salad

My Summer Recipe series continues with another cold, healthy solution to your hot days.  Ready for the simplest way to prepare zucchini?  I've noticed a lot of Zucchini Salads in cooking magazines and blogs recently so I decided to try it myself.  Seriously this is so easy, Figaro could probably do it.  You don't even have to cook it!  I don't get too excited at the prospect of eating raw zucchini, but I swear, it's one of the tastiest ways I've ever eaten this veggie.

yum yum!

You simply peel it into ribbons with a vegetable peeler and toss with lemon, olive oil, S&P, plus any other herbs you feel like.  I used dill, but I think that mint or basil would also be an excellent choice.  Other recipes I've looked at suggest adding fried prosciutto and feta cheese.  I can also see adding pine nuts, shaved parmesan, red onions, or tomatoes.  They all sound amazing!  So get creative and try it out.  Bring it to your next BBQ or day at the park.  It really only takes about 5 minutes to make.  At the very least, peel one into your next garden salad.  It's always nice to mix it up!

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  1. this sounds fabulous, and i will now share with you my FAVORITE summer throw together salad that sounds very random, VERY random, but is to die for. so many flavors.

    cut fresh corn off the stalk raw, dice some red pepper, nectarines, fresh mozzarella, fresh cilantro (from my garden, natch) and mix together with rice wine vinegar, a little EVOO and salt/pepper to taste. takes 5 mins and is glorious.

    i like to have a big bowl of it in my fridge at all times, ha.

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