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Hump Day: The Origin of the Soft Kitty

Back in 2005, our dear friend, the esteemed Dr. David Stephenson, worked with his old roommate Perry to develop this week's Hump Day drink: a shot, called  Soft Kitty. Equal parts Jager, Bailey's, and Captain (actually, a little less Captain)  the Soft Kitty is shaken with ice and strained into shot glasses.  It is taken like a shot and has a signature hand motion to go with it that must be done every time a Soft Kitty is ordered and consumed.  Simply make a fist with your right hand, place next to your right cheek, and roll your hand forward as if you were a little kitten. Soft Kitty has become a classic shot that we order whenever we are with the "Wisconsin crew" (and beyond) that The Hub went to college with at UW Madison.  Surprisingly, or not surprisingly if you know this crew, this happens fairly often.  I mean, we get together a lot.  And drink Soft Kitties. Last week when we were back in Madison for Christmas, we went to The Plaza and ordered 20 shots of Soft Kitty for our crew, plus a pitcher of PBR.  Guess how much the total was.  Twenty dollars.  2-0.   I sure do love Wisconsin.

please note Kate demonstrating the proper hand motion for the Soft Kitty

I asked Dr. Stephenson to provide me with a little more back story of the Soft Kitty to share with you all.   Here is what he had to say:
"It began with humble beginnings as a dream to create a unique shot that could gain enough noteriety that you could order it by name at the Bellagio in Vegas and not have to tell the bartender what was in it.  It is a dream yet to be achieved.  Also, my old roommate Perry came up with it at Paul's Club in 2005 and I was amazed at how something so foul could taste so good and championed for it.
It is commonly confused as a "Soft Titty" but it's never called that.
The signature hand motion is key to both ordering and drinking it.
Everyone loves it."
So there you have it folks!  The origin of the Soft Kitty.  Help spread the word and maybe by this time next year, you will be able to order it by name at the Bellagio with the bartender batting an eye.

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