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Hump Day: Round Up Your Nickels!

People, I went a little bonkers at the BevMo 5¢ Wine Sale this weekend, but really, how am I supposed to pass up a deal like this??  ClubBev members can buy one bottle of select wines at full price and get a second bottle, for 5¢!! We're talking everything from $6.99 bottles to $44.99 bottles.   It's the kind of bargain that makes you come home with this:

All this for only $160!

This deal is the perfect time to stock up and try out some new, more expensive wines that might otherwise seem too pricey.  Obviously we went a little heavy on the red selection but we picked also picked out a few bottles of sparkling wine to expand our bubbly palate. This deal is going on for a limited time only and our store was well on it's way to being fully raided, so make sure to stock up soon!

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