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Hump Day: Release the Kraken!

Now, where did we leave off yesterday?  Oh right!  Kraken.  We happened to find ourselves with a full bottle of Kraken as we were doing our final packing to depart from L.A. a few weeks ago.  We had bought it for Marq & Dawn's post wedding party and forgot to even take it out of the car.  We discovered it late at night when we were alone in our hotel room, completely exhausted from the weekend's events.  We had a choice.  We could drink the bottle right then, or we could bring it back to France with us.  Since our crémaillère was right around the corner, the decision was simple.

The Kraken...after the party.

If you've never had this delicious, spiced rum, I highly suggest bringing a bottle to your next party.  There's a really cool story behind the brand and the label that you can read about here.  Adding Kraken to the mix always leads to fun.  Now, I am not the kind of person who usually drinks liquor straight from the bottle, but Kraken is different.  It's special.  It's sweet, boozy, but smooth.  I think it tastes like a Black Russian.  Except it's rum.  Straight rum. We have a few rules you must follow when drinking Kraken:
  1. As you open the bottle, you must yell, "RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!!!!"
  2. Drink it properly.  This means putting your finger (preferably pinkie, but you can work your way up to that) into the little loop near the spout, rest the bottle on your elbow, and drink.  Like so:

    The Hub demonstrating the proper way to drink.

  3. You must finish the whole bottle.
I was very proud of the way our new friends embraced this process.  Check out what a great job they did.

beautiful form!

nearly perfect! simon will soon graduate to using his pinkie.

karell is a pro!

great job, stephanie!

catherine's turn!

romain, having no problem.

jimmy loved it!

simon giving it a whirl

Not sure where you can find Kraken?  Click here to find out. Enjoy, friends!

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