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Hump Day: Homemade Wine

The Hub and I live in an amazing spot in the city that we absolutely love.  We're on the top floor of a beautiful house and we love our home because, unlike most places in San Francisco, it has a giant kitchen with a gas range, a sunny deck and large yard.  We never want to leave.  The only aspect of our living situation that can sometimes be an obstacle is that our landlord rents out the bottom floor of the house as a vacation rental.  It's really fun to meet all the interesting people that come through, but it can also be hard because there is no way to establish a relationship with our housemates since they change week to week.

fun times on our deck

Occasionally we'll luck out and a group of really cool people will be staying downstairs.  That was the case this past weekend.  A few older couples from Arcata rented out the flat and they were more than understanding when we explained we would be hosting a rather rowdy viewing of the Packers-Falcons playoff game Saturday.  In fact, they even added to festivities by supplying us with a bottle of their very own homemade wine!

no label, no problem!

We weren't sure what to expect from this wine.  We were told it was a Tempranillo and that was about it.  The Hub and I tasted it out and were happily surprised - it wasn't half bad!  In fact, it was pretty good!  Light bodied, but really boozy, it tasted of cherries with a nice finish.  It was really fun to taste another version of homemade wine (the first being our wine tasting in Croatia) and I've come to the conclusion that when wine is made in small batches like this, it's going to be really strong! Have you ever tried homemade wine?

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