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Hump Day & Copenhagen Part II: Carlsberg Brewery Tour

One of the main things The Hub and I have been saying when asked about our trip to Copenhagen is, "Well, we drank a lot of beer."  In terms of drinking, we've always loved beer, but it's really taken a backseat to wine here in France (and my waistline thanks me), but in Copenhagen, it's all about the beer.

cute hub, big beer

beer with dinner

first beer of the trip

Which obviously led us to the Carlsberg Brewery.  I mean, How could we go to Copenhagen and not visit the home of the only light beer I like to drink in Montpellier?  I've visited a few breweries in my day, and I must say, Carlsberg takes the cake.  Their grounds are almost like a campus, full of interactive art installations, beautiful buildings, and the famous Elephant Gate, which was completed in 1901.

entering the brewery grounds!

playing on the interactive rope swing art installation - having way too much fun



welcome to carlsberg

they are huge! see me in the middle?


The brewery is open Tues - Sun from 10-5 and costs 65DKK (about $11-$12) for the self guided tour and 2 tasting tickets.  I would allow yourself about 2-3 hours to tour the grounds, brewery, and tasting room, depending how much you are interested in the learning the history of the Brewery and how much time you want to spend tasting ;).  You know me, not big on history, but there's an interesting drama between J.C. Jacobsen, the founder, and his son Carl Jacobsen, which I found fun to learn about.  The parts of the tour I enjoyed the most were all of the early "artifacts", the old Carlsberg poster ads, and the insane bottle collection of over 20,000 unopened beer bottles.

carlsberg loves elephants

love this one

who used the bear first, coke or carlsberg?

ha! shoes!

old vintage chemist bottles.

current total bottle collection!

thats allotta beer!!

still more

more? no, a reflection

some really old, really dusty bottles

Read about the history of these bottles here. After giving ourselves the grand tour, we spent some time in the tasting room, the Jacobsen Brewhouse.

pretty, right?

The Hub and I tried the Tubourg Classic (my fave!), and then had our second beer, Carl's Special (slightly darker) outside on the terrace where it was warm, sunny and the day was drawing to a close.


sunny day

enjoying the beer and sun

While drinking outside, we decided to wander into the nearby Carlsberg stables.  (sidenote:  the stables are open to the public without purchasing tour tickets).

don't mind the shit.

cool bike

finishing up our beers

After playing around, we finished our beers and headed back to our hotel feeling refreshed and with a renewed love for beer.  Carlsberg beer. Stay tuned for the final installation later this week:  Copenhagen Part II!

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