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Hump Day: Clairette de Die

By now you all know that my lovely girlfriend Melina came to visit last weekend.  Melina is from a small village near Die, France which is about a 3 hour journey northeast of Montpellier.

the beautiful ville de die - thank you google earth

Like any good house guest, she came bearing a gift!  Some delicious bubbly from her hometown.


This sparkling wine, Clairette is from her cousin's best friend's vineyard.  It's always cooler to drink wine when you kinda-sorta-almost know the person who made it.  The Clairette should be drank as an apertif or used to make a Kir (a cocktail of sparkling wine and crème de cassis).  We drank the bottle before a lovely dinner on Saturday night and it was delicious!  Crisp and sweet, it was the perfect start to our evening.

Vraiment...merci, mon amie!!! ;)

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  1. nate says:

    BTW, Coca Cola is also “acceptable” as an aperitif, but NOT with lunch or dinner. Acceptable liquids for meals are water and wine. For reals. Oh, and coffee only after dessert, not at the same time.

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