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Hump Day: Chocolate Milk, But Beer

Lagunitas Brewing Company has long been a local favorite of mine.   In addition to their stellar line-up of always available beers brewed in Petaluma, CA, LBC  has some fantastic seasonal flavors.  The temperature has dropped over the last few days (out of the 60s and into the 50s!) so I picked up the December release of Cappuccino Stout for a wintry beverage.

This beer is DEE-lish!  It was almost like a dessert, hence the title of this post.  Surprisingly medium-bodied with a wonderful chocolate and coffee aroma that was pungent but not overwhelming.  Some people are a little turned off by the amount of carbonation, but I'm a big fan.  Sometimes I think that stouts such as Guinness taste flat and gross, like Coke that's been sitting out too long, but the carbonation in LBC's version helped steer clear of that direction. Since the Cappuccino Stout is in limited release, I'll definitely be enjoying this brew a few more times in the coming weeks and suggest that you do too!

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