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Hump Day: A Year in Provence

I'm happy to tell you that the last few days here have been much cooler than last week.  Almost San Francisco-y (awww!) so we feel right at home.  It's been the perfect weather to snuggle up on the couch with a great bottle of red wine, which has been a nice change from our rosés. Before we left for France, my friend Leslie gave me a copy of a book she read right before she moved to France:  A Year in Provence.  I really enjoyed this quick read about a British couple who retires and fulfills their lifelong dream of moving to Provence.  Their struggles with the language and bureaucracy seemed all too familiar and I could definitely relate to their fascination with the culture and food.  The book took place in the Luberon region, so when I found this bottle of 2009 Luberon Gourmet Red at the market last week, I just had to buy it. I'm not sure if all wines from the Luberon appellation are this good, but I fell in love with this medium bodied and juicy red from winemakers François Dauvergne and Jean-François Ranvier.  Mostly syrah and grenache, it was really well balanced and I believe would pair nicely with almost anything.  Only bummer is, I haven't found another Luberon wine since. Tonight we're headed over to this event on the river by our apartment with a few friends.  Pretty crazy, huh?!  I'm excited to check it out and will be sure to share stories tomorrow! À bientôt! P.S. Speaking of books, I'm on the last chapter of The Hunger Games.  Anyone else read this?  It is scary good!  Any by scary good, I mean it will scare the shit out of you.

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  1. nate says:

    I highly recommend visiting the Luberon region! It’s a bit east of you guys if I recall, but SOOO worth it. We have tons of recommendations for places to visit there. No idea about the wine. I suck at that.

  2. Leslie says:

    YAY ME!!!!!! i miss you. am glad you enjoyed the book :) it helped me to feel less homesick to read about a couple who emerged themselves in the culture and loved it…the good and the bad. we have been wedding planning like crazy. off to boston in like 8 hours. i may have a panic attack with all this planning….jeez, what did i get myself into Nat?????

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