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What A Weekend!

We've gotten a lot accomplished in the last few days.  In addition to making almost 4 times the amount we estimated at our garage sale (what a success!) we also had a BLAST at our going away party Saturday night.  A huge thanks to our besties, Shawn and Kate for hosting the pre and post parties - what troopers!

first day of the sale!

CDs were a big attraction!

The Schmuglers - our awesome hosts!

The Hub with The Cantwells - an inspirational couple and dear friends!

some of my favorite girls

The other big news is that our visas have been approved!  But as The Hub says, every step leads to another step.  The visas are good for 3 months, so when we get to France we'll have to start working on our carte de séjour (residency card) which will allow us to stay in the country long term. We've also obtained our international driving license and opened up our international bank account.  Whew!  The last step of bureaucracy we need to go through (for now) is getting Fig's paperwork at the vet on Wednesday.  Until then, we'll be packing, packing, packing and working on getting rid of our belongings that did not sell in the garage sale.  Even though we sold tons of stuff, it seems like we still have a lot, which we'll be donating to the Salvation Army. Everyone is asking us if we are excited to live in France, which of course we are, but it feels like there is a lot we need to do before we get there.  Like driving across the country in a 16' truck towing my Camry.  We have a lot of exciting plans during this road trip and I can't wait to tell you all about them tomorrow.  For now, I better get back to packing!

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  1. Tamar says:

    don’t tell me you are selling that phish poster?!?!! ;)

  2. Alicia says:

    So sorry we missed the farewell festivities, but best of luck! I’ll be excited to read about your new adventures. If you haven’t already checked these out, here are two for the reading list (from the “moved to France and loving it” genre): My Life in France (Julia Child) and Almost French (Sarah Turnbull). Best, Alicia

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