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Weekend In a Nutshell: Packers Win

What a lovely weekend of doing not a whole lot!  The Hub and I celebrated Christmas Part II on Friday night by opening up all the gifts from my family that arrived earlier in the week and drinking a lovely Italian red that I'll be telling you about on Wednesday.  It was nice to extend the Holiday celebrations by an extra week, which also kept me from feeling guilty about the fact that our tree was still up.

Star Wars Cookie Cutters

Me, Fig and a Badger Snuggie

Michael's new grilling apron

Packers Indoor Cornhole set from my Dad

Saturday was spent finally taking down said tree, unpacking from all our recent trips and cleaning the house.  We had a fun night of bowling with friends at Classic Bowl where I scored my usual 75 and 80.  A lifetime of bowling, my own ball AND shoes and I still pretty much suck. Sunday turned into Sunday Funday with another Packers victory!  We hosted a gathering of all our die hard Packer fan friends and I got to debut my very girly, sequined Clay Matthews jersey.  And you better believe we had a full spread!  Shawn brought over a Bloody Mary bar, I made Cinnamon Breakfast Squares, Kate made a delicious White Turkey Chili, Adam made a Carrot Soup and The Hub made some beer & sauerkrat boiled Johnsonville Brats.

Cinnamon Breakfast Squares

Lotsa Brats

I had been planning to do an entire blog post on these Cinnamon Breakfast Squares, because when I found the recipe on The Kitchn, I thought they looked amazing!  Unfortunately they turned out to be pretty unremarkable.  They tasted fine, and the boys were gobbling them up (what won't they eat?) but they didn't have that "wow" factor.  Kate and I discussed some ways to make them better, and we decided that perhaps adding a layer of chopped pecans and using phyllo dough instead of crescent dough would elevate them to the next level.  With the original recipe, they just sort of tasted like a Kugel and I would put it in the FAIL category.  So there you have it, even Haute Housewives have Epic Fails.

Very ugly - I forgot to roll out the top layer of crescent dough before applying. Oops!

Stay tuned for next week when the Packers take on the Falcons!

3 Responses to “Weekend In a Nutshell: Packers Win”

  1. Julia says:

    you had me at bloody mary bar.

  2. darling, speaking of brunch, i’m throwing one in a few week for about 15 people, all members of my family, i.e. i need to impress because this is the first time i’m having them over to my new house.

    any fun brunch recommendations you can share with me???

    • Natalie says:

      Yes Alexa! I actually have a few recipes that are absolutely fantastic that I would love to share. I’ll work on a post for this week :) Thanks for the inspiration!

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