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Hello Friends! Back in January, I wrote this post, about living in the present, after my 18-year old cousin Amanda died tragically in a terrible accident.  Last week would have been her 19th birthday and as I've been thinking a lot about her and that post, other unfortunate events occurred that have really made me reflect on my mantra of "no day but today."  Lately I really feel that I've been spending so much time uploading pictures and getting these blog posts written on this sloo-oo-oow old computer, I'm not really experiencing my time here to the fullest.

Jardins de la Fontaine, where we spent the day today!

So rather than sit in my apartment tapping away on this dinosaur of a computer, I'm going to take a little blogging break over the next two weeks while I wait for my new computer to arrive.  I'm going to focus living in the present and spending time with Michael, Figgy, and our friends Stéphanie and Simon before they move back to Montreal in a few weeks.  When I return to the blog, I'll have a fast, new computer and lots to tell you, including Part III of Copenhagen (the best part!), my trip to Portugal (headed there today!), Stockholm (next week!) and everything in between.  I hope you'll check in when I'm back from my break and, in the meantime, continue to seize every moment as it comes. À bientôt!

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  1. Nate says:

    Carpe the mf-ing diem!!

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