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Top Chef Birthday Challenge: Fry Off!

We capped off this Thanksgiving weekend by celebrating The Hub's birthday.  Our original plan was to have everyone over for an afternoon BBQ, but Mother Nature intervened.  Instead, The Hub decided to put together another Crockpot Creation (recipe coming tomorrow!) for our friends and move the activities inside. Following in the tradition of my 2008 Top Chef Birthday Party, we decided to have another cooking competition using our peanut oil and biscuit dough leftover from Thanksgiving.  The willing contestants drew cards to pair up and were tasked with making a Deep Fried Creation for The Hub to judge, using anything they could find in the house.  We set out some options for inspiration including candy bars, nuts, salami, dried fruits, chocolate chips, cheese, cocktail wieners, rice krispies and nilla wafers. The teams had about 20 minutes to develop their dish while the oil heated up to 325°.  The dishes were judged based on 3 criteria:  Taste, Preparation, and Presentation. We supplied them with their choice of dough, Grands Biscuit, Crescent Rolls or Cinnamon Roll, to wrap their creation in and drop in the oil to be fried.  Everyone worked diligently to come up with a creative treat that would please the judge.  They also had to come up with a name for their entry.  Here's what the teams came up with: Team 1:  Jillian & Matt - Teenage Mutant Ninja Halfshell & Spicy MeatNut

Team 2:  Chloe & Shoop - Weenton (because there is both Chocolate & Cheese in here...)

Team 3:  Diane & Steven - Meat Packer

Team 4:  Tamar & Steve - Michael McChaetski

Team 5:  Leslie & Alex - Wisconsin Kiss, Two Ways After thoughtful deliberation, The Hub named Team 3:  Diane & Steven to be the winners!  He liked their savory approach, found it to be well cooked and also creative as Diane and Steven did not use anything that was on the table in their dish.  The Grand Prize?  A Mexican Nutcracker!

Steven, Hub, Diane with the prize

It was another successful Top Chef Birthday Party!  And Happy Birthday to my handsome Hub!

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