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The Road Trip

Our time in San Francisco is coming to a close.  Tomorrow we pick up the truck to pack up and then Thursday morning we are hitting the road!  After much debate, we decided that it just isn't safe to tow a big U-Haul trailer through the mountains in my Camry, so we are renting a 16 foot truck (whoa!) and attaching the Camry in a car carrier.  So, I will not be driving.  At all.
on the road again
Our plan is to drive to Salt Lake City on Friday, spend the night, and then head out to Golden, CO on Friday to spend some quality time with our dear, old friends the Malmantines!  On Saturday we'll start the long drive to Madison and will probably break it into 2 days since we'll be driving so slowly in our Big Ass Truck.  We're hoping to arrive in Madison on Sunday night where we'll get to spend time with my awesome in-laws, our beautiful nephew and lots of friends!

can't wait to kiss this face!!!!

After spending some time in Madison, we'll head out for Ohio on Tuesday morning to see my family and drop off our belongings for storage.  It's only about an 8 hour drive in a regular car, so we're hoping to get there before dark.  I'm particularly excited about seeing my family in Ohio because we have a very special event happening that sister is getting married! She recently announced that her and fiance are expecting their first child, and they decided that, while they'll stick with their original plan of May 2012 for a big celebration, they would like to make it "official" before the baby is born in October.  The Hub and I were secretly hoping that they might tie the knot while we were home with them, but didn't want them to feel any pressure.  So when my mom told me about the plan, I was ecstatic!  I can't wait to see my baby sister marry her best friend and the love of her life.  It will be the perfect send off before saying good-bye and embarking on our big journey.

Tori and Patrick at our wedding - July 2009

After all this fun and excitement, we will finally fly out to France on Friday, April 22nd.  So now you see that while our move is rapidly approaching, we have a lot going on before we get there.  Stay tuned to see how it goes!

6 Responses to “The Road Trip”

  1. holy crap natalie, so much to do, so much to see, you’re going to have a blast.

    i’m very jealous of your adventure though, at least i’ll be able to live vicariously through you through your blog :)

  2. Julia says:

    tori is getting married on thursday!!!??? OMG OMG. smooches from me! wear your seatbelt and wave at me as you go by chi city :)

  3. jess says:

    aw, nat, that’s awesome news about being there for your sister’s wedding. congrats to your family! so exciting and such a perfect send-off for you and michael. good luck with the truck. adventures await! xoxo

  4. We wish you the best in your road trip. Take lots of pic for those of us that stay in SF.
    Que tengan una aventura llena de alegria.

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