adventures of an american housewife in the south of france

The Hot Housewife

Oooohhhweee it's HOT here in the south of France.  For the entire last week the temperatures have been in the 90s, so each time I step outside, the blazing sun beats down on my bare shoulders causing me to sweat immediately.  It's the kind of heat I could only dream about in San Francisco and the fact that already happening in May makes me a little bit nervous for the summer.   We do not have air conditioning in our apartment (which my mom cannot understand) but our apartment faces north, so it's actually not too bad so far.  We'll see what happens as June creeps into July and the days get longer and hotter.  I have a feeling we'll be spending a lot of time at this fountain across the street.

antigone fountain

I sat here and watched the kids play in the fountain for awhile, dying to dip my feet in, but I was wearing tennis shoes.  As I headed into the Place du Comedie, I noticed that the restaurants were lined with fans that were basically giant Squeeze Breezes.  How thoughtful.

staying cool outside

Last night we made dinner in the apartment for the first time.  We still haven't figured out how to work the oven (we think it might be broken?) and we wanted to test out the new grill with something small, so we made a big salad with sauteed chicken and grilled asparagus.  Plus we had some apps and dessert of course.

a few nibbles while the coals heated up

ready for the grill

the lighter fluid looks like lotion. can you see it on the coals?

fresh veggies from the market

citron tartlett from Paul

someone was really hoping for scraps

Some cold roasted peppers and artichokes, a fresh salad, lemon tartlet and carafe of rosé was exactly what we needed to cool off for the evening. À bientôt!

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  1. nate says:

    It’s going to be hot for a while, so you might want to to start thinking about mitigation strategies. One good one is soaking a shirt or towel in water and putting it into the freezer. :-)

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