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The Girl Who Read the Trilogy

With our Book Club on hiatus, I needed some new books to fill my summer.  I traveled quite a bit and wanted some books that would be entertaining, but a little brainless.  The Stieg Larsson's Swedish Murder Mystery Trilogy that has been all the rage seemed to be the perfect fit. All in all, it was a very entertaining, smart series.  Here's a hint...Book 1 is a stand alone piece, although the character development is useful for Books 2 and 3.  Books 2 and 3 are combined, so you can't read one without the other. Here are my pros and cons of these books: PROS:
  • Definitely a page turner
  • I learned about the Swedish culture and some political history
  • Plot twisting storyline
  • Very well developed characters that you end up really caring about
  • Solid resolution
  • So many characters I could barely keep track
  • The beginning of the 3rd book takes awhile to get into…about 100-150 pages
  • Intricate details regarding the finance industry and political espionage that I did not find particularly interesting
  • Difficult to pronounce (even in your head) the character names and locations

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