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The Almost End of an Epic Road Trip

After four straight days of driving, we finally made it to our first extended stop in Wisconsin.  The road trip was looooong and at times, painful, but we really lucked out with weather and traffic.  No problems!  We got a late start leaving San Francisco on Thursday and didn't get to our hotel in Salt Lake City until 6am.  Ouch.  Lots of 5 hour energy was consumed and I did my best to stay up all night with The Hub who drove the whole way, which was no small feat when we're talking about a 16' truck with a car on the back.
our truck, Penny

We slept about 4 hours, then met up with Michael's old friend Brandon for a lunch at a delicious Italian deli.  We hit the road around 1:30 and made it to Golden, CO by 10:30.  Driving through the west was super mellow and uneventful - just the way we like it!  We got to spend some QT in Golden with the Malmantines and then drove out to Omaha on Saturday.  We started our Coffee Break French Lessons via podcast which has been really fun and I feel like we are learning a lot.  I can say things like, "How are you?  I am tired.  I am American.  I am from San Francisco, but now I live in Montpellier.  This is my husband, his name is Michael.  I have 1 sister.  I like movies."  The only strange thing about learning a language this way is that I don't know how anything is spelled so I can't read or write.  Oh well, progress is progress!

Yesterday we left Omaha around 11 and arrived in Madison at 8:30.  We had two stops, one for Culvers and one for Dairy Queen.  Both were totally necessary.  Fig has been a great little travel companion.  We set up a little area for him between our seats in the truck and he's been sleeping and chewing bones for the whole trip.  At least someone is getting more than 4 hours of sleep a night!


our little passenger

We'll be spending today hanging out with friends and family before heading to Ohio tomorrow.  I've been having fun playing with my adorable nephew, Dylan and experimenting with my new toy.


my darling
and of course, Figgy

We're so happy that the road trip is almost over.  Only a few more days to Friday when we fly out for France.  It's becoming real!  We're going to soak up these last few days in the U.S. and prepare for the flight across the pond.  Wish us luck!

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  1. Sarah says:

    Good luck Michael and Natalie, safe travels! Enjoy every moment… we’re excited to plan our trip already!

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