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Jewelry Organizer

After seeing the jewelry organizer in my friend Jillian's new apartment, I became wildly jealous and had to go buy one immediately. For the last several years I have been keeping my jewelry in boxes in a dresser drawer.  The result has been tangled necklaces and earrings hidden somewhere and long ago forgotten.  It was time to get organized and make better use of my collection. My dream is to someday have an entire armoire dedicated to jewelry like my mother has.  One that has special drawers with cushions for earrings and cabinets with hooks for necklaces.  This, however, is not in the cards for our tiny apartment.  I needed something more practical like Jillian's.  Upon recommendation, I went to Urban Outfitters and was surprised to see the array of storage choices they offer.  They have typical jewelry boxes, catchalls, birdcages, stands, and - the big winner -  wall hangings. I decided on the "Filigree Jewelry Hook" for $24.  It could be displayed in plain sight to remind me of forgotten baubles, had a variety of hooks and cages to hang different kinds of jewelry, and seemed big enough to hold the top percent of my collection.  After a brief "debate" with The Hub over where to hang my new purchase, I installed it myself and got to organizing!  I love being able to see all my choices and I since worn many forgotten items. And it's incredibly sturdy. Final Rating:  I love it!

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