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(Really) Guilty Pleasure

Most of my good friends know about my obsession with Who’s the Boss.  It was my favorite TV show growing up and I adored Angela Bauer.  So much so in fact, that I wrote my college entrance essay on how I grew up idolizing not Madonna or Punky Brewster but Angela Bauer.  I wanted to be a successful, high powered Advertising Executive.  It’s interesting that I ended up working with people like Angela in my career and now that I've seen what their work life is really like, I wouldn’t want that kind of job if it was the last one on earth. What most of my good friends do NOT know is a little secret I’ve been harboring.  There is a new sitcom that is modeled after the concept of Who’s the Boss.  And I sort of love it.  Ok, not sort of, I love it.  I LOVE IT!  It's horrifically awesome.  Also…and this is the embarrassing part… It stars Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence. Ok, ok, laugh all you want.  But this shit is good!  And I mean, come on, MJH can totally lead a sitcom.  No child from the 80s can say with a straight face that they did not love Clarissa Explains it All.  And Joey Lawrence?  Sure he’s a little washed up, but he’s still nice to look at even all these years. Who didn't love him on Blossom?? After starring together in the made for TV movie,  My Fake Fiance earlier this summer, they have their chemistry down pat. The premise is this:  High powered city council woman Melissa “Mel” Burke is left to care for her teenage niece and nephew after a family scandal leaves her sister behind bars. But how will she care for these kids AND juggle her busy, important career?  Enter Joey Longo.  A recent divorcee desperate for a job, Joey agrees to be her “Manny” (now there’s a term that wasn’t coined during the original WTB era) and moves in to help raise the kids and keep the house.  I’m sure all the usual hijinks will follow:  stolen looks, suppressed feelings…all that’s missing is Mona.  And I can’t wait to watch!  And I’m sure now you can’t wait either!  And you don’t have to, check out all the episodes you missed here.

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