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Parisian Sweets

After an unexpected stay in Zurich, The Hub finally made it home from Paris on Sunday.  He came bearing lots of goodies (some of which I can't see until Christmas!) including a special request for my Mom.  Lenôtre Chocolates.

It's pretty awesome that The Hub gets to go to Paris once, sometimes twice, a year for work.  It's even awesomer when I get to go with him.  I have big plans to blog all about the restaurants, shops and boutiques that I love in Paris.  And I will.  Soon, I promise.  But for now, I hope you will settle for hearing about two of my favorite sweets from this truly magical city. Since The Hub has been to Paris so many times, and we don't let him come home empty-handed, my Mom (who is a certified chocolate connoisseur - in our family at least) has gotten to try several different brands of chocolate.  During the last trip that I took in October, I brought her back a box from the famed Pierre Hermé, which according to my friend who lived in Paris, makes some of the best around.  I was really excited to give my Mom some of these well known sweets for her birthday.  When I called her to see how she liked them, she responded, "They were great! didn't get them from the same place, did you?  Nope, I could tell."  Moms always know.  She said that the Pierre Hermé chocolates were delicious, but just not up to the same rich, decadent, creamy quality of Lenôtre.  For Christmas, she'll be getting the "right" ones.

My other favorite sweet from Paris is a new discovery that The Hub and I tried for the first time during our most recent visit, after much encouragement from our friends.  Ladurée MacaronsIt seemed that everyone knew about these macaroons.  I thought, "what is so special about a macaroon?"  They look hard and crunchy and most of the flavors are not chocolate.  It didn't seem like something I'd want to waste calories on.  But one day The Hub and I found ourselves in Versailles very hungry for a treat.  And what did we find in the gift shop at Versailles?  A tiny Ladurée shop.  So we had them for lunch. 

L-R: Raspberry, Vanilla, Chocolate and Rose

I was converted at the first bite.  My. God. Are they amazing.  Light, airy, the tiniest hint of crunch, and a sweet jelly-ish center.  Divine.  I felt like Marie Antoinette sitting in the gardens of Versailles....shoving macaroons in my face.  These are a definite must have for my next trip, and I'll be sure to go to the larger shop in the Champs Elysées, because they have a lot crazier flavors there like Salted Caramel and Jasmine Mango. 

I'm in love

Until next time, Paris!  I will be dreaming of your delicious treasures....

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  1. Alicia says:

    Ah, they look so much prettier and tastier (it seems) coming from Paris ;)

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