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On The Road Again Bed Beard

With all this ECLT recapping going on around here lately, I know you've been wondering what we've been up to all week.  Well, we've been busy!  Our friend Ty and his friend Mike came to town so we spent a day or two showing them around Montpellier, stuffing their faces with amazing food, and playing on the beach.

Mike and Ty at the Aqueduct

souris d'angeau, bien sûr!!

carte des desserts


football on the beach

We've also been working on plans for our travels over the next month which include Copenhagen, Porto, Portugal and Stockholm!  Since I turn 30 next week (what!), we're headed out to Copenhagen tomorrow to celebrate the last few days of my 20s!  I am so excited to visit this city where the (supposed) happiest people on earth live and mothers leave their babies in strollers on the side of the street while they shop (True Story!).  We'll be doing a boast tour (obvs.), and checking out  Christiania (holla!) the Carlsberg brewery, the Modern Art Museum, and the Botanical Gardens for sure.
Figgy will be going back over to his "other family"'s house while we're gone.  I think he's secretly been counting down the days, he really loves it over there.

see you soon mom!

Make sure to stop by next week when I'll be wrapping up our stops on the ECLT (two stops left!) and telling you my thoughts on entering a new decade. Bon Weekend, friend!

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