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New Computer, Sleepy Bed Beard

Remember when you were in high school and you had to use dial up to connect to the Internet?  And then you had to wait 5 minutes between each page jump just to get to to check your email?  That's what it feels like using our old, spare computer.  So I got my butt in gear, stat, and ordered a new one yesterday!  Thanks to a dear friend, I got a great deal on a refurbished Thinkpad T61.  That's great news for us because, with me not working and all the traveling we're doing/planning while we're living here, we don't have a lot of extra bucks to be throwing around on a fancy new computer.  I mean, let's face it.  I just need to be able to go on the internet and upload pictures.  The End.  I'm hoping to receive the new computer in the next 2 weeks.  It's first being shipped to a friend in the U.S. (I couldn't get it shipped directly to France) and then she'll send it on to me.  So hang tight, because I'll be back full time real soon.


In the meantime, I'll be using The Hub's work computer this weekend to bang out a few posts on our East Coast Love Tour travels for next week.  We're also preparing for the arrival of our next houseguest - our friend Ty is coming to visit on Monday!!  We are so-oo excited to continue our good times with him (he was on the first leg of the ECLT) and show him around Montpellier.  It's been a pretty quiet week adjusting back to life here, what with the jetlag and forgetting all of our French (whoops).  Fig has mostly been catching up on sleep himself.

The Hub had to go to London for work today and requested this dish for dinner, so I'll be spending the evening preparing it, going through my conjugation flashcards, and cuddling with this guy.

sunset bed beard

 Bon Weekend, friends!

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