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My Husband, The Hero

I have to apologize for my radio silence last week.  On the days that we weren't hosting our fabulous, honeymooning guests, Shawn and Kate, I couldn't move.  That's because it was so hot here that even typing on a computer would make me sweat.  It typically doesn't get this hot in Montpellier until mid-July, but I heard rumors that some strange winds coming in from Africa caused the temperatures to climb to the mid-90s a little early this year.  (true story? I have no idea) It was hot.  Really hot.  And I know that it's been hot these last 2 weeks all across the world, but just indulge me for a minute here.  We don't have air conditioning in the house, or in our car, and I have no air conditioned office to escape to everyday.  There hasn't been a cloud in the sky or a gust of wind in the air.  My only reprieve was a stroll through the mall, and even that requires a walk through the scorching heat to get there.  I whined a lot.  My feet swelled up.  I spent a lot of time sitting in front of a fan on the couch.  Of course we ventured out with Shawn and Kate while they were here, but on the day we tried to go to Nîmes, we got stuck in a 2 hour traffic jam because of a horrible accident on the A9.  So the four of us were trapped in The Pony, with no air conditioning, in the middle of the freeway in the blazing sun for 2 hours.  We made the most of it, but to say we were uncomfortable is an understatement.  But we weren't as uncomfortable as the people on the bus that caught on fire, causing the traffic jam.  Seriously, that sucker burned to a crisp.  Thank goodness everyone evacuated safely.

it was bad.

We spent 2 days in Toulouse, which was also hot, and after we dropped Shawn and Kate off at the airport so they could head off to Greece, we decided to go back into town and take a boat tour.  It was a good tour, as far as boat tours go, but man oh man were we hot.  We tried to take pictures of each other, and this is what we came up with.

"are we having fun yet?"

So by the time we got back from Toulouse and we had to spend another 90 degree night in our apartment, I could barely take it anymore.  Being 6 months pregnant, I'm already starting to get a little uncomfortable sleeping (a lot of constant flipping throughout the night due to hip pain from sleeping on my side) but add in the heat and I felt like I was trying to sleep in an oven. Then my husband became my hero. Because the next night, he did this.

a clima of my very own

It's a little ghetto fabulous, what with the garbage bag taped to the window to block the outside air from coming in, but this is how the climas are set up around here so we had no choice.  You have to stick the hose out the window and our window opens like a door, so this is the set up.

at least we have the shutters to block out some of the air

It's not perfect, it's not exactly environmentally friendly, but quite frankly I don't care.  We'll use it on the unbearable August nights when I'm 8 months pregnant and need a reprieve. I'll take an air conditioner over a push present any day.

3 Responses to “My Husband, The Hero”

  1. Susan Davis says:

    You poor thing! Your husband IS a hero! Now at least you have a respite from the heat! Take care of your little prego self!

  2. Devon says:

    i am sleeping with you two if it’s that hot during my visit! hahah :) i will still come, though, even if it is 900 degrees!

  3. Kaitlin O'Leary says:

    I was just cracking up reading this. Poor thing. MISS YOU! Take care of that babe in ya.

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