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Mobile Bed Beard

This is an exciting post because it's the first time I'm using the WordPress iPhone app! I'm so techy here in France. It's been a really fun few days with my girlfriend Melina in town. We walked all around Montpellier and celebrated Bastille Day with a rooftop party.

rooftop sunset on Bastille Day

Today went to St. Guilhem to go kayaking in the Hérault River.  The whole trip was 12 km and the last 4 or so were pretty brutal as we paddled against the wind. We're pretty tired now, but that won't stop us from attending the weekly Estivale wine festival tonight!

ready for the river!!

Figgy has a pretty epic Bed Beard this morning and I managed to snap a quick pic for you all before he was fully awake.

you can't even see his eye!!

Bon weekend, mes amis!

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