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Love is in the air – No wait, that’s rain

Last year at this time, The Hub and I were on a plane to Bangkok for our 3 week, belated honeymoon in Thailand and I have to say, I would love to be spending Valentine's Day the same way this year!  But alas, after another gorgeous, warm and sunny SF weekend, it's now overcast, gray, and rainy.  And even though it's supposed to remain this way for the foreseeable future, it won't stop me and The Hub from having a nice Valentine's Day dinner tonight.  We usually do not make a big deal out of Valentine's Day - do any couples? - as it's a consumer driven holiday meant to celebrate something that really should be appreciated everyday, but The Hub and I like to at least acknowledge it by sitting down to a nice meal that we cooked together.  

The hints of early spring in San Francisco may be past us for the next few weeks, so I thought I'd share some of my favorite pictures from the weekend to revive the feeling of nature (and love) in bloom.

The beautiful tree in our backyard - The Hub and I have an ongoing debate as to whether or not this is a cherry blossom or black plum?

cherry blossom or black plum?

gorgeous blue sky

love this "heart" plant on my neighbor's porch

saturday morning breakfast sandwich made with love by my husband

my favorite coffee mug

valentine sweets from my loving parents

I hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day with their loved ones!  Telling someone you love them is a great way to start the week :)

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  1. Greer says:

    i am voting cherry blossom…i deem myself an expert in this field because D.C. does have a National Cherry Blossom festival! hope your having a great Valentine’s Day. Love and miss you!

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