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Hello Friends! Did you think I fell off the face of the Earth?  Well between all the travels, visitors, and getting sick, I almost did.  But I didn't!  Here's what I've been up to lately. I spent a lot of time on a plane...

À bientôt, France! meet this guy!

SO worth the 17 hour trip!

We had lots of cuddle time while Mommy tried on wedding dresses (and picked one! yay!)

seriously, he really is always this happy!

I ate lots of food that I can't get back in France.  Like burritos...

can you believe I basically ate this whole thing?

...and Mom's specially made pizza.

no trip home is complete without this.

It snowed.  A lot.

it was cold too!

But hanging with friends kept me warm!

celebrating Tori on a fun girl's night out!

After 9 days, I returned home to my boys, a bit under the weather.  And that's when Hub and I became obsessed with this.

nectar of the gods.

And what is this you may ask?  Why, it's freshly squeezed orange juice.  And it was ah-may-zing.  We were shopping at the grocery store on Saturday when we ran into this juice stand.  There was some sort of promotion going on that involved a bag of oranges and either a small or large sized bottle of freshly squeezed orange juice.  The woman explained the promotion to me, in French obviously, but I was so jet-lagged/overtired/semi-sick that I just couldn't bring myself to translate what she said and asked for the small bottle.  Which is how I ended up with a bag of 10 extra oranges.  Apparently the promotion was to buy a HUGE bag of oranges, which they would use to squeeze fresh juice for you.  So if you asked for the small bottle, you had more oranges leftover than if you ordered the large bottle.  Communication fail. So we had no choice to but juice the rest ourselves.

and by that I mean that Hub juiced them

Oh my god, it was so, so good.  Just what the doctor ordered.  Orange juice is now going on my list of things I never want to buy from a carton again, along with salad dressing and pasta sauce. So of course we had to make something to go with the freshly squeezed orange juice.  Which led to Homemade Baguette French Toast.

we had to eat it with honey, because we couldn't find syrup

And Chocolate Chip-Nutella Banana Bread.

ooey, gooey and delish

So when I say, "what I've been up to lately,"  I basically mean eating. I'll be back soon!  

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