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Friday in France

darling boy

A few of my random thoughts this Friday.
  • Figgy's 7th birthday is on Sunday and Michael and I will be in Prague.  Fig will be with his second family, who absolutely adore him, but I am feeling oddly guilty about not being with him on his birthday.  Not like he knows, right?  Still, I feel like a bad mom.
  • I'm pretty much completely obsessed with smoothies and someone probably needs to have an intervention with me.  I've had one every single day since March 20th when my father-in-law bought us a blender.  Today's was Mango-Blueberry-Banana and it was oh so good.  At first I was all, fresh fruit only!! And then I realized that adding at least one part frozen fruit (today was mango) makes the smoothie so much thicker.  I can't stop.
  • I've pretty much mastered the art of putting a comforter into a duvet cover and can perform this task in under 90 seconds.  This is a skill that will get me nowhere in life.
  • Hub's home!  After 9 days in the US, Michael made it home yesterday morning and I was so happy to see him.  Life gets boring when he's not around to make me laugh.  He spent some time in San Francisco, which is the first time either of us has been back since we moved.  I asked him how it was and if he felt sad that we didn't live there anymore.  He said it felt like he'd only been gone about 2 months, but the rest of his response kind of surprised me, mostly because I agreed with him.  He said, "I realized really quickly that I don't live in a big city anymore.  I'm sad that we don't live by our friends, but I'm not sad about not living in San Francisco because I've grown to like living in a smaller city that has a lot of the same things to offer... beaches, mountains, wine country, cool things to do..."  The south of France is definitely a slower pace of life.  I guess after 10 and 6 years (respectively) of living in a city like SF, we weren't sure how we'd adjust.  I think this our answer that we've adjusted pretty well.  Much more to come on this topic as we approach our 1-year anniversary in Montpellier...
  • I gave Fig a bath today and realized that his new shampoo makes him smell like bacon.  This seems unnecessarily cruel to dogs.
  • So, we're headed to Prague tomorrow!  We're so excited.  Prague is the last city on our list titled, If-We-Don't-Go-Here-While-We-Live-In-Europe-We'll-Kick-Ourselves.  For both of us, our heritage consists of mostly Czech blood (but let's face it, most Americans are mutts) so we keep joking that we're "going back to the Homeland."  Any recos for us?
  • We will be continuing our long-standing tradition of going to dinner at an Indian restaurant on Easter.  I did a lot of research and I think I found a decent place in Prague.  I'll report back.
  • Tomorrow, my friend Jim is opening his new Argentine brewpub, Cervecería de MateVeza, right on the corner of Dolores Park at 18th & Church in San Francisco!  Pretty amazing location, right?  I'm so, so, so proud of him.  You can read all about it here, and make sure to stop by and check it out tomorrow!
What are you all up to this Friday?

5 Responses to “Friday in France”

  1. JJ Clement says:

    I’m glad you like the blender ;). Have a great time in Prague!!

  2. alyssa says:

    i love that your dog smells like bacon :)

  3. Shawn says:

    Can you please teach us the art of putting a comforter in a duvet cover? Our edges here in SF are all effed up. Missed you this past weekend!

  4. nate says:

    Don’t forget to try throwing some yogurt in your smoothies too! It makes it creamy, plus you get protein!

    Glad to see you’re blogging again. Missed you in SF! :(

  5. Bridget says:

    I’m completely addicted to smoothies too – I have one practically every morning! Miss you!

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