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French Bed Beard: Fig’s Diary

Hi Everyone, Figgy here!  Mom is getting ready to go to a Royal Wedding After Party at the French American Center, so she asked me to update you all on how I am adjusting to life in France.  All I know is, after we left San Francisco, we were in a car for a really long time.  Mom did her best to keep me comfortable by folding up my favorite UW Badger Snuggie for me to lay on.  Mom and Dad were drinking all kind of energy drinks to stay awake while we kept driving and driving and driving.  I just slept.

moving bed beard

Then we got on a plane and I had to sit in my bag for what seemed like for-ev-er and it was super boring.  But Mom asked me to be on my best behavior so I was.  I did not whine or bark or try to get out of my bag even once.  I was the perfect little boy.  I really like traveling so it was actually kind of fun. Mom was all kinds of crazy stressed about taking me through customs.  Something about me not having the right kind of microchip and possibly getting sent back to the U.S.  Dad told her not to worry and he was totally right, as usual.  The customs agent didn't even notice I was there! Now we're in this really weird hotel where everyone calls me "Fee-gee."  Even though they don't have Animal Planet here, Mom still leaves the T.V. on for me while she is out, so I'm learning lots of French.  I do wish I had a window to look out of, but Mom says that soon we'll be moving to a house where I'll have a yard to sit outside and bark at birds again. Mom keeps trying to take me on these long walks but I don't want to go!  My leg is still bothering me so it's hard for me to walk with her to town.  Sometimes we just sit outside in the courtyard, but there's not much to look at out there.  Mom feels so guilty about this that she is buying me tons of toys!  It's awesome!  I get a new ball practically everyday.  We have gone on a few walks and I noticed something totally crazy:  the dogs here just drop deucers wherever they want, and their parents just leave it in the street! Sick!  I'm not sure why the parents think it's ok to leave poop all over the street, but Mom and Dad are still picking mine up.  I've seen lots of these signs all over the place, so I think the problem is just that parents here don't like to follow directions.

pick up your poop!

Can you imagine how embarrassing it would be if your Mom and Dad didn't know how to put poop into a bag?? How silly! Mom and Dad said that maybe we'll go to the beach this weekend if it doesn't rain and I'm really excited about that!  I haven't been to the beach since we went to Grey Whale back in January and I really miss it.  If not, I'm sure Mom and Dad will drag me on another long walk again. Ok, it's time for my nap!  Don't worry, I'll be back next week with more adorable pictures for you.
night night!

Woof, woof! Figaro

3 Responses to “French Bed Beard: Fig’s Diary”

  1. Jess says:

    Aw Fee-gee! The French govt is trying to persuade more curbing, but it only seems to be catching on more in Paris than in other places. You got it right – rule-breaking is like a sport there :)

  2. Kelly Rix says:

    awwww :)

  3. Andy says:

    I love that “deucers” is in Fig’s vernacular!

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