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French Bed Beard: Fig’s Diary

Hi Everyone! It's been awhile since my last diary post, so I asked Mom if I could take over the blog today.  We've had a lot going on here and, to be honest, I've kind of had a bad week.  First, my best friend Sauce moved back to Montreal.

i miss her already!

It seems like all the beautiful women here leave me.  First Teti, and now Sauce.  Sigh. Actually, Sauce is more like an annoying little sister who never left me alone but, I'll be honest, I secretly liked it when she jumped on my head and bit my ear.  I miss her. As if that weren't enough, I also got a really terrible haircut this week, which is totally Mom's fault.  Mom figured that since I'd been to this groomer before, the lady would remember how to cut my hair.  But she didn't.  She cut off my beard and mustache and now I look like a fool.  Mom said it will grow back, but I can tell she doesn't like it either.  This is what I'm supposed to look like:


And this is what I look like instead:


I really miss Wags. Mom made me feel better though by giving me a tiny bite of two of my favorite French treats:  baguette (I'm just crazy about the baguettes here) and the bone from her leftover Os à Moelle.  Mom never lets me have people food, so I know she felt real bad about screwing up my haircut.

don't get near my bone. it's mine.

Besides this crappy week, everything else in France is great.  I love sitting on my terrace and barking at the birds, and Mom & Dad found some pretty awesome baby-sitters for me when they go on vacation.  I really can't complain too much, because I really like here. Ok, gotta go!  Mom's about vacuum so I need to chase it around and bark at it to make sure it doesn't attack her. Woof, woof! Figaro

10 Responses to “French Bed Beard: Fig’s Diary”

  1. Tori says:

    Lol Figgy your cousins have the same fear when I vacuum! You still look cute but I understand when your used to your oh-so-handsome figgy looks, it’s just not the same! We love & miss you! Come meet your newsest human cousin soon ok?!

  2. Vivian says:

    Oh my sweet figgy! You will always look handsome to me :) Grandma misses you. I can’t wait to see you again. Tell your mom and dad you want to come to Ohio! It’s time for a visit!!!! Xoxo

  3. Shannon says:

    This is hilarious! Poor little guy! It will grow back before you know it! See you in a few months. What toy should I bring you??

    • Figaro Newton says:

      a Bully Stick please!! and organic dog treats, because they don’t have any here in France and i really don’t like having preservatives in my system.

  4. Abby says:

    OMG! His haircut!!! Poor guy looks like a totally different dog….still cute but different. :)

  5. Natalina says:

    He looks like a puppy again. Fig, you lost 5 years off your look! He’s still and always will be adorable.

  6. Jillian says:

    i think the haircut looks great. fig, you and your mom are both crazy. get over it.

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