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Don’t Forget The Earth! Thanksgiving Tips From Patty Preachy

Hello Fans of The Haute Housewife. Patty Preachy here.  You're about to get schooled. I'm willing to bet that most of you don't think about the environment when going through your daily routine. Am I right? Of course I am. I always am. Well, you're lucky I'm here because I'm going to help you live better...and I'm going to make you smarter and better looking. This Thanksgiving you can thank ME for helping you be a better person. You're welcome.
Here are some of my precious tips for a greener Thanksgiving:
  1. Whatever your main course - turkey, ham, rabbit, turducken - make it organic. Why? Let's put it this way: if you were a cannibal, would you eat someone who was pumped full of antibiotics and hormones and living in his/her own feces? I think most of you would say (after thinking about whether you'd eat Amy Winehouse) "eh, probably not." Exactly. If organic is too pricey for you, at least shoot for free range; exercised food tastes better.
  2. When buying ingredients and drinks, choose organic & local whenever possible. Organic because it's better for the land that we're grateful for stealing from the Native Americans. Local because it means less fuel was used to get it from the ground to your about-to-be-a-few-pounds-bigger Thanksgiving butt. Look for local sources here.
  3. Purchase products with minimal or at least recyclable or compostable packaging. It will make the planet thankful for less landfill because, you know, plastic takes over 1,000 years to break down. Try working through that damage in therapy...
  4. Cloth napkins are a must. If you're hosting a big group & don't have the dish inventory, use compostable/biodegradable tableware. It will make you feel less guilty for ignoring my last tip. Jerk.
  5. If you use conventional candles, you don't believe in oil independence. That's right, most candles are made from petroleum. Soy & Beeswax candles will get your glow buzz on (get it?) the patriotic way.
  6. Leftovers are part of the Thanksgiving tradition but the tradition had better include EATING them, not letting them go to waste. Enough with the science experiments in the far corners of your fridge already.
  7. Bring your turkey sandwiches to work in reusable style - not one-time-use garbage - with these accoutrements.
So there you have it and there's plenty more of those gems in this educational waterfall. If you're strong enough to absorb them, follow me on twitter, and friend me on Facebook. I will change your life.
Happy TGives!
Patty Preachy

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