adventures of an american housewife in the south of france

Cannes Bed Beard

The whole family returned from Cannes last night and we had a great time!  A HUGE thank you to our friends Scott and Natalie who invited us to be their guests on this trip.  We laid on the beach, ate some amazing food, and enjoyed living the high life.

our home for the week - the Hotel Martinez!

the view from our top floor oceanfront suite!

i definitely got used to being served breakfast in bed every morning

basically how i spent my week. you can blame it on Suzanne Collins' trilogy

anniversary dinner with scott and natalie!

Fig also had a great time in Cannes.  We were so happy to learn that he was allowed to be on the beach with us.  Fig LOVES the beach.  I practically had to drag him back to the hotel every afternoon.  And the beach staff was so accommodating - they even gave him a little bowl of water with a lemon in it!  Seriously.  Lemon water.  For a dog.  Très Classe.

figgy in his chair.

dog water - cannes style

sandy Cannes Bed Beard

And I'll have to leave you with that for now.  I have just enough time to unpack and then re-pack my suitcase before I head off to Paris tomorrow morning to meet up with my dear friend Abby who has been traveling through Europe for the last 4 weeks.  This little mini-vacay has turned into quite the party as my friends Stephanie and Jimmy will be joining us!    We're going to have a spectacular time and I can't wait to get back to Paris.

Bon Weekend!

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