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California Dreamin’

I just got back from dropping Fig off at the babysitter's house and when I walked in my door I realized, this is the first time in France that I've been truly alone.  It's not the best feeling (I may or may not have cried on the way home from the babysitter's) and I can't wait until tomorrow when I'm back with my Hub after 10 long days with an entire ocean and country between us.

the last picture of us taken in Cali!

So please excuse if the blog is silent this coming week. I'm going to be very busy wrapped up in a whirlwind of so much fun!  I land at LAX tomorrow evening where The Hub will pick me up and we'll get right on the road.  Because what is a Micholic vacation without a road trip??  We're going to drive to Fresno where we'll spend the night before driving the rest of the way to Yosemite National Park on Tuesday morning.  We're meeting The Hub's parents in Yosemite to spend a few days hiking and catching up.  Even though I lived in California for 6 years, I never made it to Yosemite - a sin close to blasphemy.  I've heard so much about the breathtaking views and spectacular waterfalls - I'm so excited to finally see them for myself!

photo from

After we've had our fill of nature, we'll all hit the road again and drive to Walnut Grove, CA for a very special wedding.  My best friend-in-law (I just love calling him that) is marrying a truly amazing woman at what is sure to be the California wedding of the year!  Marq served as Best Man in our wedding and now The Hub will serve as Best Man in his.  We are both so honored and excited to be part of this epic weekend for Marq and Dawn.  I remember the day they got engaged (nearly 2 long years ago!!) and how excited we all were thinking about the day that is almost here.  They have put so much work into planning this weekend and I am on the edge of my seat to see it come to life.

almost mr. & mrs.!

what would michael have done without marq on our wedding day? probably shown up jacketless.

three of my favorite goofballs!

When the weekend is over, we'll drive back down to LA where we'll head back to France and Figaro.  Even though we've only been gone for 8 weeks, it feels like much longer.  More than the "comforts" of the U.S., I am just looking forward to spending time with some of the people who know us best.  We've met some really great people here in France who we're lucky to call friends -  but really - there's no place like home.

See you soon, California!

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  1. have fun, lady!

    safe travels!

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