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Bunny’s Bed Beard

From the time Figaro was a baby, I have referred to him as my Little Bunny.  I'm sure I'm giving him an identity complex, but there is something so precious and cuddly about Fig that makes me think of a soft, little bunny on Easter morning hopping around with some plastic eggs.  I don't tell Fig about the fact that bunnies are Michael's arch rival, causing him to sneeze and his eyes to get red and watery whenever he is even in the vicinity of a place a bunny once inhabited long, long ago.  Fig is our Little Bunny and he is the only Bunny we'll ever need. So here is a picture of our Little Bunny looking normal.  I love this picture of him, taken on the beach when we camped at Gualala Point this summer.

And here's the Weekly Bed Beard.  I love how his little goatee is askew.  Hehe.  The crabby look in his eye is such a contrast from the first picture.  He's saying "Mom, leave me alone!  I'm trying to sleep."

Hope you all have a great weekend!  I am anxiously waiting for Michael to come home tomorrow and we have several Holiday Parties to attend, so it will be jam packed. Happy Friday!

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  1. Bed Beard, that’s hilarious!! My little Bubbles (who also happens to have bunny-like characteristics) gets bed beard when he sleeps. He’ll lift his head and half his beard is scrunched up, his look always says ‘huh? whats so funny?’

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