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Bed Rest, Bed Beard

It's hard to explain to a dog that he's on Bed Rest.  A dog doesn't understand that running up and down the stairs, playing fetch, jumping onto the couch  - things he does daily - is exactly what he's not supposed to be doing this week.  My poor little noodle-nugget has been moping around all week acting cranky because no one is playing with him and wondering why I'm carrying him everywhere.   Even worse, he has a Mom who calls him embarrassing names like noodle-nugget.

"why can't this bone throw itself?"

Yes, Figaro is on Bed Rest this week.  Even though he's not quite 6 years old, he's suffering from some bad arthritis in his left front leg.  It started off as a slight swagger when he woke up in the morning, followed by a long round of stretching.  The stiffness and pain seems to have progressed so much so that by last week, he could barely limp his way around the block.  After several unsavory vagrants outside of my downtown Oakland office stopped me to tell me that my dog was limping (yes, I KNOW, Mr. Crackhead), I made another vet appointment for Fig to get some x-rays. 

Fig is such a little stinker that every time I bring him into the vet to show her his limp, he acts like he's perfectly fine and practically sprints around the office.  This time though, I was smart and captured him at home on video doing his limpy-walk throughout the house.  A round of x-rays (and $350) showed us that he's ok, he just has some arthritis that will hopefully be dealt with after this week of Bed Rest and twice-daily pain medication.  It is times like this when I feel so lucky to be able to bring Fig to work with me so that I can keep my eye on him.  He's spent most of this week being bored and laying in the sun in my office.

Tomorrow he has a follow up appointment so we'll see what the vet says.  He is still pretty limpy, although he is getting very antsy after a week without long walks or playtime.  Wish us luck! 

"I hate Bed Rest!"

2 Responses to “Bed Rest, Bed Beard”

  1. Amber El-Hajj says:

    Ahhh, poor Fig!! Hope he feels better!!

  2. Jess says:

    aaaaaaw, poor fig. he can come over and sit in my lap all weekend like he did when we dog-sat. i wouldn’t mind :)

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