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Baby’s First Christmas

Living on the West Coast and having our families in two different states in the Midwest, it can be difficult to decide where to spend the holidays.  The Hub and I are so lucky that we both come from amazing families that we actually want to spend time with, so we have to plan our holidays diplomatically.  However, this year the decision was simple.  You see, this year, we had a new person in the picture:  our 10-month old nephew Dylan.

Take one look at that face and tell me you wouldn't want to be with him on his first Christmas!  We gathered up Fig and headed out Wisconsin to spend the holidays with The Hub's family.

Wisconsin Winter Wonderland

Since Dylan lives so far away, we had only seen him once when he was 3 months old.  We couldn't wait to spend 3 whole days with him over the holidays and catch up on all the time we'd missed so far.  I think that 10 months old is a great age for your first Christmas.  Dylan was alert, babbling and smiling, and thisclose to walking.  We gathered around him all weekend encouraging him as he took one, sometimes two steps at a time.  He loved all the boxes and bows and even some of the actual presents, although he spent most of his time cruising around the coffee table trying to grab various iphones, cameras and remotes to put in his mouth.

Dylan and The Hub wearing their Penguin attire

We sure do get spoiled when we go to Wisconsin.  My in-laws are amazing cooks and I think I gained around 100 lbs. over the course of our stay.  Not only did my father in law feed us his special fish tacos, lasagna and famous pizza while we were there, but he prepared a delicious spread for Christmas morning.

biscuits with jam, pecan glazed french toast casserole

Egg Strata with Asparagus, Onions and Ham + Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash

In addition to 8 different kinds of cookies, my mother in law also prepared a truly decadent chocolate meringue pie.

We had a lovely weekend with the family:  eating, opening presents and basically just watching Dylan.  He was the star of the weekend and I'm happy to report that he and Figaro got along great, although Figaro was constantly trying to play with all of Dylan's toys.

Dylan and Fig on Christmas morning

The Hub with some awesome gifts from his sister

Fig and the remnants of his present

our little elf

me and Dylan

It was so great spending quality time with friends and family.  We also managed to hit up a Badger basketball game and a trip to the National Mustard Museum in Middleton, WI.  Let me tell you, it was a real treat!

Go Bucky!

please don't tell them that I don't like mustard!

And it wouldn't be a trip to Wisconsin without some fried cheese curds, which we managed to eat on 3 different occasions.  These ones are from Dotty's.


We capped off the trip by taking Dylan "sledding" around the back deck and posing for a family Packers picture with The Hub's parents.

Go Pack Go!

I hope everyone had as great of a Christmas as we did!

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  1. JaNielle Studer says:

    Looks like you guys had a great time. Dylan is so cute! I would love the recipe to that Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash – looks yummy!

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