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Allergy Beard, Bed Beard

Allergies have attacked the Haute Housewife Household this week and no one is left unaffected.  I blame the erratic change in weather and the mysterious cherry blossom/black plum tree in our backyard.

it's raining allergies in our yard

The Hub, Fig and I have all been sneezing all week.  Usually when a dog suddenly begins sneezing violently and constantly, it's either from allergies or having something stuck up their nose, but since his sneezing attacks seemed to coincide with ours, I  figured it was most likely allergies.  Once he went down to the yard to do his business and came back looking like this, I had my answer:

allergy beard

With stuffy noses and sneezing guessed it...snoring.  Not from me of course, I would never snore (or at least I wouldn't admit to it).  But there has been a lot of snoring going on in our house this week.

Untitled from the haute housewife on Vimeo.

The weather channel says that the rain will finally stop tomorrow, so hopefully we'll be able to get outside a little bit to play this weekend.  Unfortunately I don't have Monday off like everyone else, including The Hub, but we'll make the most of our time.  I'm hoping to buy a dSLR camera (woo hoo!) and also maybe learn how to use it.  I'm pretty sure I'll be going with the Canon Rebel unless anyone has other suggestions for me. Fig will be staying as snug as a bug in a rug resting his leg and recovering from his allergy attacks

"i'm going back to bed!"

Have a great weekend!

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