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Knocked Up Abroad: Halfway There!

This past Saturday, I hit the 20 week mark, which means that we are officially halfway to meeting the Bonbon!

5. 26.12 - 20 weeks today!

I feel very grateful and lucky to report that the first half of this pregnancy has been pretty uneventful and I'm feeling very good.  I have the usual aches and pains that everyone has:  I had a few bad tension headaches early in the second trimester (thankfully gone now), my hips are sore in the morning from sleeping on my side, and I'm pretty tired by the end of the day, but overall I cannot complain.  The biggest symptoms for me so far are having to pee every 5 minutes, (including a few times a night - this has not stopped from about 11 weeks on) and frequent heart palpitations.  I talked to my doctor about this last symptom and she started me on a magnesium supplement twice a day, so we'll see if that helps.  Other than that, I feel great!  No more food aversions, no strong cravings, just life as usual.  Minus the wine. We had an appointment yesterday with a short ultrasound before our big trip to the States tomorrow and the doctor said that baby girl looks great.  She was being very shy and only showing us the top of her head and her foot, so we didn't get any new photos to show the grandparents, but it was so fun to see her.  We'll have our big anatomy scan at 23 weeks when we return from our trip and we'll get to learn about her in more detail then.  I can feel her moving around all the time now and she loves to kick the right side of my belly!  Even Michael has gotten to feel her kicks a few times, which always makes his face light up with a smile.  It's the best part of my day. I'm feeling pretty big already and I have to tell you, I am a bit nervous about fitting into this bridesmaid dress next weekend.  We ordered it 2 sizes up and I hope that will be enough.  Everyone kept telling me, "oh, you'll only be 22 weeks by then!  You'll barely be showing!"  Well, as proof that every pregnancy is different, this belly popped out at 15 weeks and has not stopped since!   Michael has been taking a picture of my bump each week in the same outfit, same place as a fun way to track the growth.

growing bump!

Since we won't be here on Saturday for the 21 week bump picture, we took one today.  Think this bump can fit into a size 8 bridesmaid dress?  And we still have over a week to go.  We might need a miracle worker.

20 weeks, 5 days! It's going to be a long, hot summer.

As we get further along in this process, I'm starting to think a lot more about the labor and delivery, and the Great Search for the Right Doctor continues.  At the moment, I'm still seeing the 2 doctors at normal OB/GYN which means that I would be delivering with a midwife in a public hospital.  Although that's very much the norm here in France, I'm not 100% sure it will be the kind of environment that I want, so I spoke with an English midwife here (recommended by a co-worker of Michael's) and she told me about another doctor at a private clinic whose beliefs seem much more in line with mine.  We have an appointment to meet her when we get back from this trip, so hopefully she will be "The One."  Although, I forgot to ask if she speaks English, so the appointment could be very interesting.  More on that when we return! If you have a moment, please send me some good vibes for a safe and easy solo journey tomorrow back to the States with the Bonbon! À bientôt!  

6 Responses to “Knocked Up Abroad: Halfway There!”

  1. Susan Davis says:

    Oh Nat! You’re so cute pregnant! I was very little (size wise) when I got pregnant with my first and it showed immediately! It was such a relief to go to maternity clothes! Course, back when your mama and I had babies, it wasn’t at all acceptable to show the bump, so we covered up with flowing clothes. You have lots more options now! Have a great trip home!
    Your mama and I ate doing the high school reunion thing again this summer! We’re excited!

  2. Joanne Malene says:

    Hi Natty, You look adorable pregnant We hope you have a good trip to and fro across the big pond – be sure to drink lots of water and get up and walk around. Looking forward to seeing you and Michael next week! hugs and love, mrs. m

  3. Jillian says:

    gorgeous! love the progression pics!

  4. Mom says:

    You look wonderful honey! Can’t wait to see you and your bump tomorrow!!!! Try to get some sleep on the plane but make sure you get up and stretch/walk as well! Safe travels sweetheart : )
    Love you. xoxo. Mom

  5. Julia says:

    i love!!!! it’s like a time lapse video of your baby bump! too cute for words. XX

  6. Steven says:

    You look fantastic! Sad I won’t be able to see you when you’re back in the States – wish you could come out west. Have fun at your sister’s wedding and don’t drink too much (just kidding)!

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