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ECLT: 3rd Stop, Providence!

Before heading out to Ipswich for the second wedding of the ECLT, The Hub and I made a pit stop in Providence.  As any map will tell you, Providence is not exactly on the way from Burlington to Ipswich, so many friends were confused as to why we were going there.  Well, we simply had to.  You see, Rhode Island was the 4th to last state that The Hub had to visit before he can say he's been to all 50.  We were just too close #47 to not knock it out before heading back to France.  Who knows when he'd have this opportunity again?!  So I obliged and we decided to have dinner in Providence. Before I get to our Rhode Island adventure, some of you might be wondering, "When did The Hub visit these other 46 states?  And what constitutes a visit?"  Well, Michael hit most of the states during family road trips and Phish tours.  In Hub rules, you need to actually see the state and maybe experience a gas station, so driving through counts but airport layovers do not.* Now that that's settled, I can tell you about the very, very wet afternoon we spent in Providence.  On our way into town, we spotted the Capitol Building in the distance and thought, why not stop by?

cute hub in Providence

when the hotel concierge in Burlington told me I could keep the umbrella, I almost cried.

since 1636

surprisingly pretty

senate members only!

And because it was absolutely pouring rain and we basically needed to stay indoors, we decided to have an early dinner and drink at La Laiterie.  This little gem of a bistro is connected to the Farmstead, a cheese shop that has been around since 2003.  La Laiterie opened in 2006 and serves fantastic rustic yet elegant dishes using locally sourced ingredients.  We started off with the Heirloom Tomato Mosaic, Burrata, Kalamata olives, Herb oil, and Greens.

Isn't it beautiful?

Then we split Deep Fried Soft Egg with Bacon and Flowers (seriously) and a Salad of Grilled Chicken, Lettuces, Shaved Vegetables, Toasted Pine Nuts, Champagne Vinaigrette.

fried deliciousness

aren't the candy striped beets just gorgeous?!

And after our meal, we popped next door into Farmstead and picked up 2 Vermont Cheeses to bring up to Massachusetts, plus a small "cheese orphan."  Because who could resist a sign like that?!

Farmstead Cheese Counter

sob story

*Most people are really curious to know the final 3 states that The Hub has left to visit.  They are Alaska, New Mexico, and Oklahoma.  I have family in 2 of those 3 states, so I know we'll be knocking those out sometime in the future.  It seems like everyone these days is visiting Alaska, and we're jumping on that bandwagon as well!  Someday.  For the record, I have been to 35 states and only 2 of them (Georgia and Iowa) were merely drive throughs.  The rest I have had actually visited extensively.  How many states have you visited?

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  1. i actually just went and counted and i think i’m at 27 states… the hub definitely wins.

  2. Dawn says:

    I have visited 41 states! I still need to visit Alaska, Okalahoma, Arkansas, S. Carolina, R.I., Maine, N. Hampshire, Delaware, and Maryland.

    Thanks for sharing the delicious cheese with the Sagamore house!

    • Natalie says:

      sounds like the four of us need to make a trip to alaska ;)

    • Danice says:

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