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Annecy: The Summer Edition

Do you remember reading about our trip to Annecy in December?  Do you remember how obsessed I was?  And how could I not be, that town is magical.  Even with the cold temperature and bouts of rain, I was a happy girl.  The Marché de Noël was in full effect and there was vin chaud around every corner.  I was heaven!  I wrote in that blog post that I was anxious to return for another weekend getaway, so when Marq and Dawn told us they needed to be dropped off in Geneva, Switzerland to begin the next part of their European Vacation, I knew I had my chance to return to Annecy and experience her in all her summer glory.

we often fondly refer to Annecy as the "Lake Tahoe of France"

Oh friends, a summer trip to Annecy was everything I hoped it would be.  Crystal waters, bright blue skies, lush foliage, and sparkling canals.  We had such a great time re-exploring this quaint town with our friends who were seeing it for the first time.

beautiful Lake Annecy

beautiful village

beautiful streets

beautiful ivy-covered home

beautiful church

beautiful flowerbox-lined canals

Because our first trip was such a success, we did a lot of the same things as we did in December.  We stayed at the Splendid Hotel (again, great location, allows dogs, very good price), we ate at our favorite restaurants (here and here) took a Boat Tour (obviously), had some drinks at the Captain Pub and strolled around the town.  When we returned home, I couldn't resist comparing this trip's images with some from December.  It was crazy to see the difference the seasons brought to the environment.

ready for the boat tour!

winter/summer - me and Fig on the boat tour. i think he enjoyed this one much more.

winter/summer - Lake Annecy

winter/summer - Lake Annecy

winter/summer - on Lake Annecy

winter/summer - strolling along the lake

winter/summer - brilliant colors in the park during any season

Of course we did some new things too.  This time, we actually ventured over to Switzerland (more on that later!) and we tried some new restaurants.  We had some fabulous crêpes at La Crêperie du Thiou, and a lovely Croque Monsieur at Le Vénitien.  We walked along the canals and indulged in some warm, soft pastries from La Banette for breakfast.

the lovely canals

a scrumptious Croque Monsieur

27 weeks in Annecy!

a sensible breakfast - pain au chocolat, pomme beignets, and cafe creme

Annecy, you've stolen my heart once again.  I hope to be back again soon.

Annecy, je t'aime!

5 Responses to “Annecy: The Summer Edition”

  1. Shannon says:

    I need to go there!! I love Figgy’s new haircut too!

  2. Nate says:

    Lovely, as always. This is how I know you’ve gone native:

    “I knew I had my chance to return to Annecy and experience her in all her summer glory.”

    Key word: “her”

    • Natalie says:

      Haha SO TRUE! Now if only I could remember the proper gender for something useful like keys or wine or toilette.

  3. elisabeth says:

    We did a road trip from paris, spent one night in Annecy to break up the drive before continuing on to Italy. We took your recommendation for Splendid hotel and it was modern, friendly and easy. Thanks for the reco! We took the hotel’s deco for local cuisine and ate dinner at L’Etage

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