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An Afternoon in Cadaqués

A few weeks ago, our lovely friends Shannon & Ryan came to visit us in Montpellier.  We had a blast showing them around our town and then jetting down to Barcelona for the weekend (more on that very soon!).  We spent our week together walking all around, drinking tea, eating strangely flavored chips, and duck.  A LOT of duck. On our way home from Barcelona, we wanted to stop for a meal and a drink somewhere along the Eastern coast of Spain, the Costa Brava.  We decided on Cadaqués (pronounced cah-dah-KESS) because it was a nice halfway point between Barcelona and Montpellier.  Cadaqués is a small fishing town, which was once frequented by the likes of Salvador Dalí, who spent much of his childhood there, Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, and other famous artists.

statue of Dali by the beach

The drive out to the Costa Brave was really beautiful.  The windy roads over the mountains to get to the beach really reminded me of driving through Northern California.  It took us a little over an hour to get from the main highway (AP-7) to Cadaqués, but with such gorgeous scenery, we didn't mind at all.

driving through the mountains

we stopped at this lookout point

There are a few sights to see in Cadaqués, including the a Monday market, the Salvador Dalí house, a 17th century church, and the Cap de Creus Natural Park, but we really just wanted to hang out for a few hours.  We had a lovely pizza lunch, walked along the beach and through the town, and enjoyed some caffeinated beverages at Bar Boia before hitting the road to head home to Montpellier.

main square of Cadaqués

michael, shannon, and me

espresso for the boys, tea for the girls

fueling up

crystal clear Mediterranean

shannon called these "Goonies rocks"

sun starting to set over Cadaqués

calm seas

It was a lovely, lovely afternoon.

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