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A Day in Provence: Aix

We've often heard that the best parts of Aix are outside the confines of the city, and I think this is probably true.  A year ago we may have visited the region to go wine tasting and have a fancy dinner out on the town, but those kinds of trips have been put on temporary hold.  Instead, we decided to spend the afternoon walking the city center and eating a quick lunch while Ramona napped.  It had been a long morning in Marseille, but Aix is only 30km away and we didn't want to miss the opportunity to squeeze in a visit.  It was a gorgeous day in Provence, so we relaxed and enjoyed our time of leisurely strolling a new town.




It was very cool to explore the little streets of Aix.  Man, there is some good shopping there!  I could have done some serious damage.  There's an abnormal amount of adorable children's boutiques.  I picked up some gifts for expecting friends and thing or two for Ramona.  I especially liked perusing all the unique finds at Le Petit Souk and Emilie et Compagnie. We had a delightful lunch of yummy sandwiches and sodas at a teeny restaurant in an alleyway.  They had table that must have been 20 feet long, carved from a single piece of wood.  It was gorgeous.
only a small part of this massive table

only a small part of this massive table

I made Michael pose for this shot.  I call it, "The Matrix"

I made Michael pose for this shot. I call it, "The Matrix"

We took in the grand Cathédrale Saint Sauveur and visited a few of Aix's many fountains.  Our Little Miss slept the entire time.




new profile pic2



IMG_3776 IMG_3798


It was a very nice way to spend the afternoon.


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  1. Sodi says:

    Sounds like a fab day! That wood table is insane! I want one now! Miss you guys. Xo

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