adventures of an american housewife in the south of france

Hump Day: Primitivo

On this hump day, I'm drinking Layer Cake Primitivo.

Figs, Figs Everywhere!

After mistakenly buying 2 different kinds of figs for the Fig and Lime Jam, I had quite a few of the little buggers leftover.  Not quite sure what to make, I consulted the September 2010 issue of Cooking Light for inspiration.  This Proscuitto, Fresh Fig and Manchego Sandwiches recipe sounded perfect for lunch! Ingredients 4  teaspoons  Dijon mustard 8  ...

Wax on, Wax off

Rating:  Use at your own risk As part of my new lifestyle as a housewife, I need to cut back on miscellaneous expenses.  One of the ways have been doing that is to increase the amount of time between my pedicures (monthly instead of bi-weekly) and give myself my own manicures.  (Pedicures should never be self-administered in my book.  Leave it to the professionals).  Along with these aesthetic cutbacks, I...

Hump Day: My New Favorite Highball

And I have the Oakland Fox Theater to thank!  This past spring, I had the privilege of seeing a few shows at this recently reopened, amazing venue.  To get ready for the show, The Hub and I warmed up at the nearby Cafe Van Kleef and imbibed in some of their famous Greyhounds! Oh man are they delicious!  What makes their Greyhounds so special and refreshing is the fact that they are made with fresh squeezed...

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